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Oh look, we have a blog now.

Well this is exciting! We never really know where DatCode is gonna go, and maybe that's the fun in it. As the community grows, new ways of sharing our knowledge and resources come with it.

This blog, initially, was going to be a way to document what we're working on for the community. There's a project we have in the works (more on that later) and a tech blog would be good to have as we iterate through it; keeping everyone up-to-date on what's up and what's next for DatCode is always good. But also, we think an additional place outside of the Slack group and Twitter hashtag to share our knowledge is also of importance; things like tutorials some members may have written -- or want to write! -- and other writings of demystification, for those tricky software concepts you come across in more intermediate and advanced work.

A Community Blog

DatCode is a community. We want every aspect of it open to ideas and dialogue. This blog will be no different. If you'd like to write a blog post, let us know! If you have an idea but aren't confident in writing, it's no biggie. We'll help each other to make sure we're writing in a way that benefits everyone: that means every post is no-frills, no jargon, no bullshit. We want everyone to get the most out of the articles without having to decipher tech-speak or someone talking over your head.

The Black Coder Experience

We have a lot of conversation in the chatrooms about how we feel towards the tech industry and our place in it. From tech diversity initiatives (and in some cases, its continual lacking) to thoughts about what tech is doing for our communities, sometimes quick chatroom messages don't quite do the trick.

The space for Black thought is never enough, so we want to be sure we're elevating our stories and ideas about this ever-present, constantly changing tech landscape. This could be in the form of interviews, editorials or even more personal essays from coders in the DatCode community and beyond. Let us know if you'd like to contribute!

A Community Platform

We hope DatCode continues to grow. And whatever it grows into, we want to ensure it's as helpful and informative as it is communal and just plain fun to be a part of. The community is made up of people all along the spectrum of coding knowledge, and making sure you get the most out of what DatCode has to offer is important. So with that, we thought it'd be a good idea to build a learning tool. For now, we'll call it Project Athena.

A Fresh Learning Experience

Project Athena will pull in our efforts of compiling the best resources we can find, with courses that are pointed and driven towards building things. Learning code relies a lot on getting your hands dirty and opening up that text editor; we think online courses should reflect that as well. Throughout the course steps, you'll know what you're learning, why you're learning it, and what you code will be brought forward with you to subsequent steps -- in the end, you'll have something to show for your learning effort (like a web resume, or a portfolio site!).

In the beginning, our courses will be catered to beginner coders -- Code Newbies, if you will. As the platform grows, and the coders along with it, it will expand into more complex coding projects and concepts. We would like to cover a lot, but it's really all dependent upon what you want to learn. So let us know: what would you like to learn? What else do you think is missing from the online learning experience? How can we help you on your coding journey?

Feel free to contact us by email at hello@datcode.io, or tweet us @talkdatcode. We'll be happy to hear from you. And if you haven't already, join us in the Slack group! (it's pretty lit ngl)

Happy coding!