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Hey Luke, Why Do You Code?

Why Do You Code? is a weekly blog series, a new one every Tuesday, where we ask someone from the community why it is they code and what they like about it.


Luke Davis

Customer Service Specialist
United Kingdom
Favorite language(s): HTML

How long have you been coding?

15 years

What got you into it?

Being able to make cool websites and playing on my dad's work laptop!

What is it you like about coding?

The logical nature of it. Being able to turn set rules into anything you want, no matter how complex or simplistic.

Has coding changed the way you look at problems and come up with solutions?

Yes, I think in code often. I've always looked for ways to implement it into my job when there usually isnt a scope to do so.

How have changes in your life and the world affected the work you do in code?

I've considered projects based on the changes in my life. For example, I've taken a more minimalist approach to life recently do I've significantly downscaled the style of my websites.

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