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Hey Tremayne, Why Do You Code?

Why Do You Code? is a weekly blog series, a new one every Tuesday, where we ask someone from the community why it is they code and what they like about it.


Tremayne Miller

Engineering Intern
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Favorite language(s): Python

How long have you been coding?

Not very long. Maybe about 2 1/2 years.

What got you into it?

In high school, I took a computer repair class and wanted to learn more about computers; then my love for video games made me want to create them. So I declared my major as Computer Science in college. At the time I was nowhere near disciplined enough to handle the Engineering curriculum. But now that I'm older and more focused, I'm taking it a lot more serious.

What is it you like about coding?

What I really like about coding is the ability to create. I also enjoy the problem solving from time to time. Coming up with a function(s) that does exactly what you need it to do and knowing that you told it to do that is pretty empowering lol.

Has coding changed the way you look at problems and come up with solutions?

Absolutely. It made me think about the bigger picture when problem solving, while also causing me to pay attention to the little details. Also, sometimes you realize that you need not think as deep as you feel you need to. And that is humbling at times as well.

How have changes in your life and the world affected the work you do in code?

We are always in a constant state of change, and that alone forces us (at least me) to constantly refactor code that has been written previously. If we grow and change then the code we write should reflect that as well. There are always different ways to clean up code. But that comes with time and growth in your field.

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