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Parts Are Moving! Quick Updates on the Community

All's been quiet on the #DatCode front for a minute, but in the last month or so we've gotten some things moving. Let's give a quick rundown on all the cool stuff we're working on!

We have a survey (actually two)!

So, big thing happening: we've decided to create an annual survey for Black developers. This will capture the needs and wants of Black devs and help us to propel them in their careers, as well as ways to give back to the community and build more robust pipelines. We want to be sure everyone can make use of DatCode, at any skill level, and getting as much data as possible from all walks of this Black tech experience will help us do that.

If you haven't filled it out yet, go do that now! (please)

Aaand, a little later we'll also be dropping a Black Designer survey. If you're interested in that one, be on the lookout for it. Design is just as important to tech; so building a code + design Voltron out of our DatCoders seems like the way to go, and ensure Black designers are taken care of too.

We have a podcast!

Our podcast is funny and random sometimes and informative sometimes. We take a roundtable of members of the community to talk about anything from music to movies, art and culture, or even bring it back to the terminal and talk about code.

Subscribe to the talkdatcode podcast on Soundcloud and on iTunes. We promise you'll enjoy hearing us talk!

We are building some cool things, too!

A big project we've been working on for the past couple weeks is called do.bot. We kept running into the integration limit on our free tier of Slack, so we decided to take some of the custom ones we made and package it in an app. Our minds are already firing off with ideas for slash commands, bot usage, and we want everyone in the community to participate and learn from this process. If you wanna take a look, go check out the repo on GitHub, and also peruse the other repos we have up to see if you can learn anything or contribute.

A second big project, called thecookout, is a social network! We wanted to experiment a bit with a federated social platform called Mastodon which, short answer, is a Twitter clone. But the fun thing about it is the federated part, which basically means it's distributed across several different instances of Mastodon, maintained by different parties... but it all works together. Cool, right? We'll have blog posts soon on both of these projects to catalog our journey, so look out for those.

That's all for now! We'll be back later with the Black Designer Survey, and the results from our Black Developer survey when it ends. Happy coding!

Have you joined yet? What are you waiting for?! Go to www.datcode.io to join our vibrant community of black and brown coders. (You don't have to be brown, but you gotta love us, though :)