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Who To Follow (And Why)

Twitter is great, isn't it? Or can be, in more ways than one. If you like talking shit (like I do) and getting jokes off, it's the place to be. But it's also great for following your favorite creators and doers.

We're gonna focus on that last one and give you a few people to follow, who might have some vital information to help on your coding journey. From polling the community in our Slack group (which you should be a part of!), here's a compiled list of their worthwhile follows.

Sara Soueidan @SaraSoueidan

Sara is the first person I thought of when asked this question. She is is the go-to authority for all things SVG and the best part is that she has only been doing web-related work for a little over three years. Her story illustrates the payoff for hard work and sharing your journey as a developer. - Mark

Kelsey Hightower @kelseyhightower

He's just positive and gives enthusiastic talks. - Dedi

Rachel Smith @rachsmithtweets

She works for CodePen and is always tweeting helpful tidbits about code, as well as sharing informative and interesting blog posts. - Shanise

Katherine Cross @quinnae_moon

Great for understanding gaming and tech culture from a dry humor and academic view. - Dedi

Iheanyi Ekechukwu @kwuchu

I don’t know how I started following this young brother, but I am glad that I do. He is very into tech with an interesting journey and has shared it the whole way. - Mark

Erica Joy @ericajoy

Erica is a developer at slack. Before that she lead the effort that helped expose pay differences at Google, which started the conversation at different tech companies. Erica’s insight on being a black woman in tech is honest, to the point, and almost therapeutic. - Mark

Adrienne Porter Felt @apf & Yan @bcrypt

Security stuff; picked up more crypto practices there. - Dedi

Julia Evans @b0rk

She makes cool doodles explaining software stuff. You'll appreciate it. - Jer'Maine

Sarah Tony Young @huny

Huny is an OG, she has an amazing story, and her design work is a breath of fresh air. - Mark

Marco Rogers @polotek

Marco is an industry vet. He is a straight shooter and has wonderful insight on being black in tech. I learn a lot from his tweets alone (and it's fun to watch white people lose their shit for being called out for their racist behavior). - Mark

Chris Heilmann @codepo8

Good for coding tidbits and opinions, especially when he live tweets at conferences. - Luke

And some general resource Twitter accounts you can follow as well:

Dev Tips @DevTipsShow: Dev Tips is why I focused on front end development. Interesting and clear videos about any topic dealing with front end development and design. - Seun

CSS-Tricks @Real_CSS_Tricks: good blog/resource to follow for CSS. - Shanise

John Sonmez (of Simple Programmer) @jsonmez: it makes complex concepts a little easier to understand. What I like most about it is that it not only helps you improve your technical skills but it also points out areas of your life that, when improved, can help you in your career as well. - Tremayne

That's a pretty good looking list. If you have any you'd like to share, let us know about them with the hashtag #DatCode.

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