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You Should Join #DatCode. We Hear It's Pretty Cool.

Back in July of this year, the hashtag #DatCode was started on Twitter as a way to share tips and resources about code. What began as something simple grew, and continues to grow into a vibrant community of black and brown coders the world over, sharing their experiences and knowledge, and collaborating on ideas.

We're now almost at our first one hundred members(!) and with the new year coming - as well as the giant specter of uncertainty in the wake of what's basically the beginning of our inevitable descent into madness - community is gonna be very important.

There are plenty of good, way less scary-sounding reasons to join #DatCode, though. Let's get into those things instead.

Get help learning to code!

The most obvious reason: we all love to code. And if you would like to love coding, we can help. There are a lot of resources coming through the Slack channel every week, and you never have to hesitate to ask if you have a problem; someone will get you where you need to be. Coding can be seen as something like a life journey, as you'll never really know everything, because something new is right around the corner. Knowing that everyone is always learning can take that much more weight off, and surrounding yourself with other code learners is a big plus.

Get help with projects!

We're never really short on ideas. There's always a product or service that just doesn't do the job the way you'd like, so you decide to do it yourself; or maybe you have a completely new product or service you want to get out.

In our incubator channel, we share our ideas with the community and get feedback. It's a good way to answer the questions you didn't think to ask yourself, and really hone in on the market you want to reach or the features you want to build. It's also a good way to rid yourself of "idea debt." (Thanks, Luke!)

And we all code differently. If you need a PHP guru to help you build, surely you can find them here. We're always eager to dip our hands in something.

Get help with life!

More than anything, #DatCode is a community; a safe space for black and brown coders, from all over the world. We don't just talk code all the time. We talk about any and everything we want with the assurance of love, empathy and openness for our thoughts and ideas. We are all-inclusive, geeky and black as fuck. If you're in need of a space like that, this is the one for you.

So, you wanna join? You can head over to www.datcode.io to sign up and get an invite to the Slack group. If you're on twitter, be sure to follow the community @talkdatcode for resources and all things code, and use the hashtag #DatCode if you'd like to share something yourself!

We hope to see you soon! ✨✊🏾✨